From Bus Conductor to Actor – Krrip Kapur Suri’s amazing journey

Krrip Kapur Suri has dabbled as a restaurant boy at age 15, to being a tuition teacher and even a bus conductor, before finally finding his calling in acting. Find out more about his amazing journey:

You have had a difficult and a really unorthodox journey
Well, to begin with, I worked at a Quick Service Restaurant for a few months. I then switched on to giving tuitions to little kids after which I worked as a bus conductor post HSC. My little income was not really sufficient as such. It did help me in small ways, but yes I wanted to do it and it taught me a lot about life. I wouldn’t really call it a difficult journey because I learnt tremendously from it. I was overjoyed when I got my first project. At that time, I did not understand much but now when I look back, I am just so glad for getting a chance at every point. You learn from the positives as well as the negatives. Learning from a negative situation is also very important.

What inspired you to get into acting?
I had the dream to be an actor from a young age. It was God who showed me the way and helped me discover acting as a talent. I don’t know how good I am at it, but I do know that I can uncover new things and keep trying till I succeed. I tried my best, God brought me to Mumbai and paved this path for me. I know I am a really strong human being. I will never give up, and will do so only when my heart stops beating. Just keep doing what you have to, don’t worry about the results, is what I believe in.

You were also a teacher. Do you believe you could have been a good teacher?
I cannot say I would be a good teacher. My financial situation helped me learn from it. I taught kids a few things, and I myself learnt so much from it. The process of learning never stops. It will keep going on. The biggest teacher in life is life itself.

You have acted in serials more than movies. What according to you is your forte?
I have no forte as such. I just seize the role I get in hand and give the best performance possible.

Has dancing been a passion or did you learn it later on?
Dancing, I haven’t mastered but learnt it by listening to music and watching movies. My quest to do more pushed me to grasp so many different things.

One person who has been an inspiration.
Ekta Kapoor. The lady has a fiery talent creativity within her. She was the one who scrutinised my acting in a number of serials before casting me for ‘Kalash…Ek Vishwas’. I am ever thankful to her for being a great role-model. One person from whom I can never stop learning. She believes in: Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment. I follow this rule too.

What is it that you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Apart from acting of course, I sing, watch films and what keeps me going is inspiring others. I love to write and blogging as social media gives me the platform to do so. Through Twitter and Instagram, I connect to people.


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