Fatima Agarkar wife of cricketer Ajit Agarkar, commences cricket league

Fatima Agarkar wife of cricketer Ajit Agarkar, commences cricket league, a way to enhance the children-parent kin-ship on a convivial note.

Fatima Agarkar has come up with unique and colossal concept to develop a unique Edu-creative process by enriching creative experiences through learning beyond the classroom by organizing JPPL, an initiative that encourages children and their parents to participate in cricket tournaments and spend quality time with their family.

Fatima’s forte and key agenda behind this event is not only to promoting sports but also to encourage healthy living amongst the students and parents through the platform of sports and games like cricket. This premier league is conducted with a message to bring families together in a non-academic platform and connect over sports with children as spectators and motivators thereby making it a fun day out under the sun.

According to Mrs. Fatima Agarkar, Educationist, “Adoption of such offbeat methodologies of learning will persuade various non-academic activities for children who in turn will embolden and imbibe sportsmanship amongst parents as well as children.”

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