Daily soap actors finding Comedy Nights Taaza tough to handle

Comedy is not everybody’s cup of tea. Well, this lesson has been learnt the hard way, by some actors who have just joined the new season of Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza. According to sources Nia  Sharma, Sharad Malhotra and Aditi Bhatia, who are doing parallel daily soaps are not able to match up to level of existing biggies like Bharti Singh,  Krushna etc.

The reasons are several; from not getting scripts on time to rehearse properly. Also, comedy is not their strength, so in real they need more support to get the punches right. As a result, their final output on screen appears jaded. What is really making the difference galling, is that they are in the same frame with veteran comedians. Normally in a daily soap you can hide the deficiencies, using other tricks, but all that does not work in a stand up format.

The concerned actors have made their displeasure known to the production house Optimystix Entertainment, but no solution is forth coming yet.


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