Charlie Chauhan supports Parth Samthaan!

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan actor Charlie Chauhan has joined the social media free for all in favor of her co- star Parth Samthaan who has been in an eye of a storm ever since news broke about his alleged Whatsapp group where he and his friends (Karan Jotwani) have supposedly spoke very loosely about woman and even ranked them.

Charlie says, too much is being made of nothing. This is more a matter of invasion of privacy than anything else. What right did anyone have of leaking screenshots of personal group chats to the media in the first place?? You could haul Parth and others over the coals if he had spoken anything to the media. Come on guys this was a private convo among friends. And we all know what crap we youngsters talk in unguarded moments.”

However Charlie added a caveat that, “I don’t think Parth or Karan are capable of demeaning woman. I have spent time with them and know very well that the opposite sex is safe with them. Our defense is made more solid by the fact that a large number of who fans who are supporting Parth are girl’s themselves. And Karan has already gone on record to say that he had used certain words but they were meant for guys and not woman. I trust him for he is known to make cheesy remarks.”

Here Charlie blasts certain people for making a mountain of a molehole. “How can you attribute a fun chat with a horrendous rape of Nirbhaya. These powerful people are taking pot shots at Parth. But they better be aware that they should not take our silence as weakness. We too have enough dirt on them and can make a splash if pushed beyond a point.” When asked to comment on social media chatter that certain Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan cast might have leaked the chat to the media, “I have no clue if that is the case but it is I will never trust that person again.” She wraps up by saying. “We all are supporting Parth in his hour of need. I would just request fans not to abuse those who disagree with us. ”

In closing Krissann Barretto who also supports Parth says, “I was blasted by certain fan’s who accused me of betraying Parth by unfollowing him on Twitter. This is crazy I will always support them for I don’t think they are guilty.”

Interestingly though KY2 lead Niti Taylor on the other hand in a cryptically worded twitter has apparently lashed out at Parth without naming him directly. Niti and Parth never saw eye to eye.

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