Bigg Boss editors play God – Sky Walker

Sky Walker aka Akashdeep Sehgal, who become quite notorious in BigBoss 5, defends the format, which is under fire for the the entire Swami Om escapades in the ongoing BigBoss 10. The self-proclaimed  guru was thrown out of the house after throwing urine at fellow contestants.
“It is business. Bigg Boss is a reality show, which sells on controversial stuff  like sex and fights. Let’s face it we all like our voyeuristic stuff.  Even if you are getting late for an important assignment but  see a fight on the road you will risk earning  your boss ‘s wrath to find out more.”

Talking more about the above popular Colors show, Sky who is returning back to fiction with Life OK’s historical Sher-E-Punjab: Maharaja Ranjit Singh says, “Everybody’s character is pre- decided. if I play a bad guy in fiction shows , it is easy to paint me as same on the show as well. Similarly if Navjot Siddhu is a politician (Bigg Boss 6) he will be painted likewise. Here editors play God and it is really interesting to see how it unfolds. The show is not rigged, I repeat, but living inside 24 hours away from the world  they know our mindset. The tasks are engineered in such a way that you finally end up doing what they want. They just wait for you to snap.  Also if you notice finally what comes out on screen daily  is just  45 minutes  of content,  rest is commercials. You have 20 contestants, how much screen time will each  finally get? so the one’s who end up giving  masala inadvertently get noticed. In hindsight, I have  to  admit this psychological  show takes away a part of every contestant when  they leave.”
In closing Sky feels that his relationship with Pooja Bedi, post his BiggBoss stint taught him a lot. “ She has  played a very  important role in my life, I will be forever grateful for the same. I wish to thank all the women in my life for making me a better person”


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