Being a part of a great show comes with lot of responsibility’ Ssharad Malhotra

The talented actor Ssharad Malhotra who essays the role of the great warrior of Mewar namely Maharana Pratap in the popular historical show Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap on Sony Entertainment Television, has been much appreciated for his acting skills in the show. On the same we got in a conversation with the actor to know more about his character and being a part of the historical show.

On being a part of the show, Ssharad shares, “”Being a part of an historical show which is larger than life, gives me a great feeling. I also think that being a part of such a great show comes with lots of responsibility as the audience expects a lot from the actor in terms of performance. In short there is an added responsibility to give the best performance in each shot.”

Furthermore he elaborates on wearing heavy costumes that give him a perfect warrior look, “I take almost 45 minutes to get into the look of the great warrior Maharana Pratap. Though the costumes are heavy and at times you find difficulty in shooting in such costumes, at the end when you receive appreciation for your good performance it overtakes all your stress.”

The actor also had to go through some physical training, “I had to learn sword fighting and horse riding for the show. A special trainer was kept who taught me sword fighting and horse riding as it is very important for a ruler to take this physical training to get into the character.”

Preparing for the role came with challenges says Ssharad, “Preparing for a historical character comes with challenges. The role is physically exerting. We do horse-riding, sword fighting, martial arts and then the heavy costumes. But what matters in the end is when people appreciate your work.”

Very rightly said Ssharad, when people appreciate your performance it overcomes all your stress!!

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