Atharv / Vividha chemistry is more special than Vividha /Ravish – Vikram Singh Chauhan

Vikram Singh Chauhan, lead of Star Plus show Jana Na Dil Se Door, accepts that the show had lost its moorings for a while. “ The crux of our narrative should always revolve around the love stories of Vividha (Shivani Surve)Atharva & Ravish (Shashank Vyas). Sadly off late we had veered off track, but these things happen due to  TRP pressures.” However, Vikram is confident that things will soon be back on even keel.“ In a way we have already started on the same process. I am saying this based on my reading of future scripts and screen plays .”

It is no mean feat that the show has survived so long  at the  5.30  pm slot, in an environment where even prime time shows are taken off in a few months. “I was always confident of the show doing well for rather than time slots what  matters is a good story well told, which  attracts the audiences . And here Producers Yash and Mamta Patnaik are leaving no stone unturned .”


Vikram further adds that he never takes it easy, despite the show being on air nearly for a year “for the moment you feel that you are in control, you lose focus .”


In closing Vikram is full of praise for Shivani,“ She is an excellent actress and has grown with the show. Our chemistry has been super. It feels really  nice when all the hard work we do in enacting those scenes, is loved by the audience”.

Vikram takes a dig at the on screen chemistry of Shivani with Shashank Vyas, “ First romance in any show is always more special.”  Working  together for so long has also rubbed off on their personal equation, “Shivani and  I have become great friends”


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