An actor always wants to come to Mumbai: Anindita Kapilesweri

Actor Anindita Kapilesweri who plays the dominating mother of Meri Saasu Maa by Saba Mumtaz and Rahul Kumar Tewary thinks an actor always wants to come to Mumbai. Talking about her dreams and aspirations Anindita says,”I have been working quite hard for the last two decades in Kolkata and have done a lot of work on theaters and televisions. Meri Saasu Maa is my first Hindi show. When this role came to me I was sure that I want to take this up. There were the usual insecurities like creating my own space in the Hindi television industry,working in a new environment and there was also a concern over the language as my character speaks a local dialect in the show.” Anindita has done her research properly and then there are always people from the creative team to help her all the time.”

So does Anindita miss her home back in Kolkata? “I miss a lot and specially my daughter who is in Kolkata. That is my weakest point and whenever she gets a few days off and during weekends she visits me and we share good quality time.” So whom do you look upto when it comes to the acting craft? “There is one actress whom I just adore Smita Patil. She passed away so soon, I wish she could alive still and give us more of her sterling performances. I have learnt a lot just seeing her work on screen and I always believed that an actor’s ideal destination is Mumbai and I am blessed that I finally arrived here.”

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