Amitji’s aura on KBC is unmatchable…

Shilpa Shetty has made her presence felt.. from Bollywood to Television and on the cricket field too. She proudly flaunts an unconventionally sexy figure even after pregnancy and still is known for her Patli Kamar.

Be it her peppy item numbers or her stints on TV she has made a mark in the industry and has spelt magic on the viewers. Shilpa speaks her heart out in this exclusive interview with GR8!

You have done it all on television, what did you like the best – hosting, judging or participating?

Well each of these roles are different, interesting and challenging so it’s difficult to choose one. As of now I am enjoying my role of a wife and a mother (Smiles).

What will you like to continue with, judging, participating or hosting a reality show?

Whatever I take up in future I will give my 100%. I don’t think I am up for participating in a reality show but I enjoy judging and would like to continue to do so as for anchoring it is quite interesting but it depends on various aspects. Well judging doesn’t require much effort while anchoring still needs a bit of hard work and participating is like the most difficult and time-consuming.

How is TV different from Bollywood?

For me work is work be it TV, Theatre, Bollywood or Hollywood. It’s your attitude towards the work that counts. Once I am in front of camera I am totally into the character, whichever medium it is. For me the work is more important than the medium and this goes for any actor.

If you get a good script, will you be comfortable doing a TV serial?
I don’t really think so…

The hottest TV personality according to you is…

Well undoubtedly it would be Amitji; his aura on KBC is unmatchable. No one has or ever will be able to outshine him.

The most adorable Bollywood Star on TV?

Definitely Amitabh Bachchan, in fact he should be given all the credit because it was he who started this trend which paved way on television for many other actors. Today many actors have followed his footsteps and are featuring on television.

Your favourite shows over the years have been?

Well I would say that Rakhi Ka Swayamvar was hilarious, I used to watch it and I also told the SOL productions that they really attempted to something different.

As a kid the shows that you never missed were…

As kids we were never allowed to miss Mahabharat and Ramayan. I vividly remember us sitting in discipline and watching the shows.

Do you believe television in India has progressed over the years?

Definitely it has progressed from the 100-200 bows and arrows flying across the TV screen and has come to a phase where it has gained the popularity and viewership and the medium is becoming huge with every passing day.

If you could change one thing on Indian TV, what would it be?

It’s already changing, I hated those zoom shots and the over exaggerated reactions which were shifted from one actor to another and today we hardly see such shots. The other aspects too are changing like the make-up and costumes are more subtle and not garish and over-done.

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