Aman Verma who was last seen in Naa Aana Iss Des Laado has trained his body and pushed his fitness for his play Mohenjo-Daro where he is flashing his abs. He has learnt Manipuri Martial Arts especially for this play. Though Aman has always been in good shape, it’s only now that he has started taking Fitness seriously and concentrating on his fitness regime. Well, he learned and started practicing Martial Arts for his play but now it has become a part of its fitness regime. Aman talks to GR8! Regarding Fitness and shares his fitness secrets…


For me fitness is…

Well, I am aggressive by nature and quite short tempered, so fitness and exercising channelizes my energy in a positive way. For me, fitness is not just looking good, having a good physique and mental fitness. Fitness isn’t just about exercising, it also mean to eating correctly and on time, precisely four meals a day. Fitness is a lot of things for me.

I begin my day…

I try to wake up early in the morning by seven or latest by eight when I am not shooting. I read newspapers and later have breakfast.

My daily diet…

Breakfast: I have my breakfast by 9- 9.30. 3-4 eggs generally boiled bread and sometimes indulge in fried eggs and a cup of coffee.

Lunch: I have my lunch by 1- 1.30. Roti, Dal, Sabzi, Chicken at times.

Evening: Around 5.30- 6, I eat something light and healthy, a quick snack.

Dinner: I have dinner by 9- 9.30 and almost the same as lunch though I try to avoid non-veg.

Coffee is something that accompanies all my meals, that’s the only negative aspect because I am totally addicted to cold coffee. But again it is milk and thus indirectly I consume milk.

Given a chance, I would binge on…

Hmm… basically I am not into chocolates or sweets. Well, I do enjoy Oreo biscuits once in a while.

My workout regime…

Well, I go to Fitness First and there are a series of exercises that I do. Cardio, Body combat, cycling, stretching, yoga and everyday a different combination of these techniques. According to me your body shouldn’t understand your workout regime, you shouldn’t repeat the same format or follow same regime every day. The body gets used to it and doesn’t respond to it, exercises are no longer effective as your body is used to that pattern. Recently, for my play Mohenjo-Daro, I have learnt Manipuri Martial Arts and I am enjoying it. It gives you a feeling of power and in control.

If you had to combine Fitness and Sports, which sport would you select?

I love swimming, horse riding, badminton and tennis. Swimming is physically taxing and all the muscles in your body get the required exercise with it. With horse riding your legs, knees, backbone, thighs and hips get the exercise. I really miss swimming and horse riding though I sometimes indulge in badminton and tennis when I am free.

How would you rate yourself on a fitness scale of 10?

Well, I am pretty good in shape, 7.5 or 8.

Do you consider yourself a fitness freak?

No, I am not a fitness freak. I don’t go to gym every day or take the workout regime very seriously. At times, I don’t go to gym for a week; I respect my body and don’t push myself too much.

Fittest celebrities on TV…

Fittest celebrities on TV, Hmm… Ram Kapoor (Smiles), we were working together in Ghar Ek Mandir and Ram was so much into fitness. He had a perfectly toned physique, great body and was really handsome. Though today the situation isn’t the same, he is an old friend but due respect to him I would like if he takes control of the situation. I don’t see any other actor really fit as I am and I am talking in context of the actors who have been in this industry since a long time. Amongst all I think I am the fittest and honestly, I am much more fit and in a better shape than I used to be.

A celeb who can truly be portrayed as the Fitness Ideal?

Hmm… John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan.

Your secret fitness tips?

There are no secret fitness tips or short cuts, you have to work hard. I think eating correctly in moderation, being away from sweets and sleeping on time along with regularly exercising is the best Fitness Tip and this is no secret.

A common fitness myth…

If you stop eating, you will lose weight.

My happiness quotient…

Speaking to my mom.

My idea of relaxation…

Going off to sleep, switching off my mind and not thinking about anything.

My current Projects & Future Plans…

Currently I am busy with my play Mohenjo-Daro and I am discussing a few projects and as of now I am enjoying this phase.


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