Abhishek Bachchan talks about his experience & views on TV

He started his career with Refugee but soon this Bluffmaster inhibited a respectable position in Bollywood with his charming personality and cool attitude. As it is famously said that the Star kids are never spared of comparisons with their parents, he too was time and again compared to his Paa, a veteran actor. But with his fabulous acting talent he has created a niche for himself. By now you might have guessed whom we are talking about, Bingo! Abhishek Bachchan. He has evolved as an actor and has impressed one and all with his spontaneity and witty sense of humor. His TV stint with National Bingo Night also was a huge hit and was applauded for 100 % entertainment. In this exclusive chat with GR8! Abhishek talks about his experience & views on TV. So read on….

Bingo was your first stint on Television, so how was the experience?
I was offered a lot of shows in the past but I chose Bingo simply because of its unique format. I loved the concept of the show-it had fun, celebration, my guests and a game and all was enjoyed with the Aaram of a couch. How could I not be a part of something so cool? It’s a great feeling because the show got a very good opening. I was told that the opening ratings had broken the record of other celebrity ratings, I didn’t believe it at first and I still can’t believe it. It was a bit nerve wracking in the beginning to think that you as an individual is up for judgment. But I love interacting with my studio audience during the game show and the fact that I also get to travel to different cities and meet some of the home audience adds on to the excitement.

How is TV different from Bollywood?
Well I think the biggest difference with this show is that the audience for the first time gets to interact and meet the real ‘Me’ as till now all they know about me is through my movies and that’s not really ‘Me’, it’s just a character that I am playing. TV is a huge medium and the instant connect with the audience and the speed at which you get the feedback is just amazing. Otherwise in the aspects of technology and shooting, TV and Bollywood are way different.

Are you a TV buff?
I love to catch the news on television as often as I can. Unfortunately, my work schedule does not really allow me to take time out to watch television for hours together but I do surf channels every now and then.

The hottest TV personality according to you is…
I guess the answer to that is pretty simple – My dad on Indian Television! No one can beat him.

The most adorable Bollywood Star on TV?
Karan Johar was really good on his show Koffee with Karan. I have also been on his show and I think he is amazing.

Your favourite shows over the years have been?
Oh, there have been too many to name a few…

As a kid the shows that you never missed were…
As kids, we were not allowed to watch much television!

If you could change one thing on Indian TV, what would it be?
A greater variety in content.

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